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What is cozier in the middle of winter than wrapping yourself in luxurious comfort in the North Georgia mountains?


What is cozier in the middle of winter than wrapping yourself in luxurious comfort in the North Georgia mountains? My spouse and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this week. It’s wonderfully serene here in the valley where Young Harris and Hiawassee meet to offer up amazing places to see and things to do.

Love the Savings
When I opened my email last week, I clicked on the latest e-newsletter from Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa (sign up here). The email shared the terrific incentive to travel now and save. So we did!

We let our workplaces know we’d be away Wednesday to Sunday. We deserve it and so we secured the ongoing Winter Lodge Deal, saving 20% off our lodge room (through March, with some holiday blackout dates).


We left Charlotte, NC, after lunch and arrived just in time to unpack, and watch the sun set from the firepit with Cabernets from Brassie’s Grill.


Our first morning, we went to The Dining Room for a delicious buffet breakfast. The chef at the omelet action station made my husband a custom omelet while I chose grits and biscuits.

Our long weekend theme is love. We love each other! We love nature. By being so cozy here, we are falling in love with Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa.

Love Your Horse
Seeing the horses on the property piqued our interest. Doesn’t a trail ride sound fun? Horses are inquisitive and have such soft muzzles that they extend to size you up. We did not think to make reservations ahead of time for a guided equestrian tour, which is recommended, but luckily they fit us in at The Stables since it happened to be a Thursday morning (weekends are busier; reservations always suggested).

The scents of fresh hay and strong horse bodies in The Stables took me back to a childhood memory of riding horses on my grandparents’ farm.



The trail ride took us out into the valley, over little creeks, under the forest canopy, and into wide open pastures. The horses were gentle with us, and they listened to discrete messages we don’t know we’re communicating, like bracing for a curve, or exclaiming excitement about seeing different winter wildlife. What an amazing experience. If you have never been on horseback, the patient stable guides will help you get acquainted.

Did you know? Overnight stays at the resort are not required to play golf, ride horses, visit the spa, or dine here. Locals know. I talked to a shopkeeper in town who related how she plans special afternoon activities here with visiting family and friends.



Love You
Equani Spa is one of the more exquisite experiences you can have in these mountains. The scent of aromatic oils is refreshing when you step inside.

Reservations, yes, we made those! There are a variety of facials and body treatments you can choose. This was a couple’s thing for us and left us feeling relaxed and without a worry in the world. Say yes to Equani Spa.

Food is Love
Another part of our long, loving weekend is to celebrate that food is love. Brasstown Valley Resort’s menus and buffets are known by locals and by people who have stayed here from around the world.



On our anniversary we celebrated with a wonderful, braised steak (medium rare) and chocolate cake for dessert!

Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa is regionally renowned for its fine meals and genuine hospitality. Their culinary and service teams are great guides to have for tasting the region’s foods in two dining settings and two outdoor pavilions.

The resort’s Dining Room is known for its picturesque mountain views – Three Sisters Mountains – which complement its mountain lodge feeling. At dinner we dined by the cozy fireplace.

Love is Staying as Long as You Can


As I finish this story about some of our first adventures, I will share that this is the best wedding anniversary ever. It’s just the two of us. We’ve made a few friends by the evening fires. We love winter even more at Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa.

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By Miracle L.